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County Commissions:  Commissions are established by the Burleson County Commissioners Court to over see and carry out certain activities on behalf of the court.  Commissions are an offical extension of the Commissioners Court and are ongoing.  Each commission has its bylaws and reports to the Commissioners Court.

Historical Commission

Health Resource Commission

Keep Burleson County Beautiful Commission

Child Welfare Board

County Committees: Committees are established by the Burleson County Commissioners Court to assist the court on specific projects or research.  Past committees have dealt with facilities and economic development.

Current committee(s), none

Fraternal/Social Clubs:  There are variety of clubs in Burleson County that include, Rotary International, Lion International, and others

Business Organizations: Organizations tthat work to improve opportunites for existing and new businesses.

Burleson County Chamber of Commerce

Lake Somerville Development Partnership

Church Sponsored clubs/groups: include Methodist Men, Knights of Columbus, and others

Volunteer Fire Departments: the cities of Burleson County and the unincorporated areas depend 100% on volunteer fire departments.  There are nine fire departments in the county.  

CERTS:  Citizen Emergency Response Teams, are trained volunteers that can be called upon when the need arises due to manmade or natural disaster

Reserve Law Enforcement: There are opportunities to receive training and to become a certiefied reserve sheriff's deputy