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BCHC Mission

The Historical Commission is appointed by the Burleson County Commissioner’s Court and we serve two year terms. We are committed to the preservation of our county’s history. We assist in research and answer questions if we can. We work in conjunction with the Burleson County Historical Society on many inquiries and projects.

If anyone is interested in obtaining a Texas Historical Marker or a Historic Texas Cemetery Designation, they need to contact the Burleson County Historical Commission. Information and forms can be found at the Texas Historical Commission’s website, but approval is required on the County level before submitting applications to THC. We have the necessary forms as well. We organize dedication ceremonies, and try to help with marker funding if possible. Our County funds are extremely limited!

Anyone interested in adding a Veteran’s name to our ongoing Veterans’ Roll Call project can do so by contacting us. We are looking for names of anyone that ever lived in Burleson County who served in the military, war or peace time. We have close to 4000 names and there is no deadline.

For information about these projects, or any other historical information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.