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Emergency Notification System FAQ

Burleson County

Emergency Notification Systems

By Voice, Text, Twitter, Facebook or Email



This system has been put in place to inform the public, as quickly as possible, whenever our community is in danger.

The emergency notification system can be used to contact entire neighborhoods in minutes.


Who Can Get The Emergency Notification Calls?

Anyone with a Burleson County address is eligible to sign up for this system.

Since I Have A Landline Aren’t I Already Registered?

Similar to the 9-1-1 system, cell phones and unregistered internet phones are not automatically placed into the database . You must register these phone numbers with the system before you can receive the emergency notification calls. 

What Does It Cost?

This is an absolutely FREE system. There are no hidden charges, no advertising, no SPAM or any unwanted solicitations when you register your cell phone number or Email address.

Where Do I Go To Register My Cell Phone or Internet Based Phone Number?

To register your cell phone or Internet based phone for the voice emergency notification you will need to visit this site, You will need your cell or Internet based phone number, your 9-1-1 address and your Email address.

What If I Want To Get A SMS/TXT Message or Email Alert?

Like your cell phone for voice messaging you must also register the number where you receive your SMS/TXT messages and your Email address. Visit and sign up for the Burleson County SMS/TXT message and/or Email alerts. You can also fast opt in by texting the keyword: BCOEM to 888777.

If you would like to receive the Judge’s Updates and Emergency Notifications by Email only you can subscribe by visiting our Subscription Page.

What Types of Situations Will I Be Notified About?

A train derailment, hazardous material releases, flood waters, road closures, a lost child, planned and unplanned utility outages, a public health or disease threat…these types of situations, and may more, can be relayed to affected residents.

Which Areas are Affected by this System?

This phone notification system is in place for the following areas:  

  1. Beaver Creek
  2. Birch Creek
  3. Black Jack
  4. Cade Lake
  5. Caldwell
  6. Clay
  7. Cooks Point
  8. Deanville
  9. Frenstat
  10. Hix
  11. Snook
  12. Somerville
  13. Tunis
  14. All Other Areas of Burleson County

I Signed Up For The Emergency Notifications Calls, Now What?

When the phone rings the Caller ID displays will read EMERGENCY MSG. When you receive this important call, don't hang up. There will be a short time period before you begin hearing the following message:

"This is the Burleson County emergency notification system. Press a key on your phone now to receive an important message."

Once you receive the message, follow the instructions given. 


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