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Burleson County, like all 254 counties in Texas, is considered an extension of state government. The focus of county government is judicial (civil and criminal justice, adult and juvenile probation), human services, law enforcement and jail services.

The county is also responsible for road and bridge maintenance in unincorporated areas, maintaining public records, collecting property taxes, issuing vehicle registrations and transfers, registering voters, conducting elections, and providing health and social services to indigent county residents.

The population here just topped 17,000 residents with a projected growth rate of 6%. County leaders are continually working on expanding our infrastructure to stay ahead of this growth.

The county tax rate is currently 49.9 cents per $100 of assessed value. This is a reduction from 2011, and the fourth tax rate drop since 2004. In fact, This rate is projected to remain constant through 2016. In addition, Burleson County’s bond rating has maintained an AA- status since 2007 and is one best rated rural counties in Texas.